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How do you select a necklace?

The Best Necklace For You.

diamond necklace

When selecting the correct chain length for a necklace, it is important to consider features such as the neck, height, body type, and face shape. For example, if you have an 18-inch neck, you should choose a chain length of 20 inches.

The standard necklace measures 16 inches (choker length). This length is flattering on all women and usually falls on the clavicle. To figure out the perfect necklace length, measure the extended length of the necklace you wear most often (or the clasped size, then double it).

Therefore, gold looks better on them. Silver can wash them out and make them look a bit tired.

What is a multi-layer necklace?

multi layer necklace

A multi-layered necklace is when you flaunt two or more chains of different lengths at the same time instead of just one necklace. Rule one is to remember that there are no rules—layering your necklaces is all about having fun. Mix and match, and play with lengths and colors to make an effortless statement.

What to pay attention to when buying a gold necklace?

gold chart

Is the Gold Chain Solid, Plated, or Hollow?

You are choosing Karat for Your Gold Chain. The most durable and long-lasting option is solid gold chains of either 14k solid gold or 18k solid gold.

5 Things To Keep In Mind:

1:-Know The Purity:

-A 24kt gold piece is considered 99.9% pure and descends as you pick 22kt, 18kt, 14kt, etc.


-Their immaculateness demonstrates the cost of gems, the amalgam it is blended in with, and how much work has been placed while making the piece.


-Gold could have varieties. Joining pure gold with different metals will make another variety; however, in our country, the best interest is for yellow gold.

4:-Hallmarked Jewellery:

-Putting resources into gold gems may be a significant choice since it requires a lot of cash for the more significant part of us. Buying hallmarked gems is energetically suggested.


-It is fundamental to check the heaviness of the genuine gold you purchase before paying for it.

How can I test my necklace to see if it is real gold?

stamp check

There are many ways to test for real gold at home. There are some examples here:

Stamp test:-

Check for a Gold Jewelry Stamp. A small stamp in an unseen place marks the karat or purity of the piece. It should be accompanied by the manufacturer's logo.

Acid Test:-

If the spot turns green, it's not real gold. If the spot is unaffected, you have real gold. If the spot locks milky, you have gold-over-sterling silver.

Magnet Test:-

Gold is not magnetic. To test, you will need a stronger-than-average magnet, available at your local hardware store. Fake gold will be attracted to the magnet.

Float and Rust Test:-

Drop your gold into a cup of water. You can see that fake gold will float. 

The real one is heavy. It will sink and will not rust.

Skin Test:-

It is not real gold if your skin experiences discoloration while wearing a piece of jewelry. Watch for black and green discoloration for fake gold.

Guaranteed Test:-

The best way to tell if you have real gold or fake gold is to lake your piece into a precious metal consultant or a certified jeweler.

What does the stamp on a gold necklace mean?

jewelry stamp

While it can be in different forms, the stamp indicates the type of gold used in the jewelry, ranging from 10 karats to 24 karat gold. The three numbers address the rate of immaculateness. For instance, the stamping '417' signifies 41.7% gold, which is ten karats. Utilizing this equivalent configuration, 14 karat pieces are stamped '583' (in some cases '585'), and 18 karat pieces are checked '750, etc. The following markings are the most common: 24k marking: The gold is measured on how many parts of gold are alloyed on a scale of 24. Real gold will leave a gold mark or trail. Other metals will leave a black imprint. The 3-digit stamp sequence generally gets identified as follows:-

  • 999.9 or 999 – 24 karat gold
  • 995
  • 990 – 23 karats
  • 916, 917 – 22 karat gold
  • 833 – 20 karats
  • 750 – 18 karats
  • 625 – 15 karat gold
  • 585, 583, 575 – 14 karats
  • 417 – 10 karat gold (typically the lowest one will find in U.S. markets)
  • 375 – 9 karats
  • 333 – 8 karat gold (typically the lowest one will find in German markets)

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