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What Are The Types Of Bracelets?- Everything You Want To Know

Diamond Bracelet

Why is it called a bracelet?

The word bracelet is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of categories. The term 'bracelet' originates from the Greek brachile, meaning 'of the arm,' via the Old French bracel. A bracelet is also a small brace or bracer (an armed guard used by archers). There are such wide varieties of bracelets on the market now that finding the right one for you can be a feat.

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

The most classic and sophisticated options for a bracelet, tennis bracelets are an excellent choice for any occasion. Tennis bracelets blend in well with any outfit. From its symmetrical pattern of diamonds or gemstones to its high-quality solid metal, it gives you the simplicity of beauty you can wear on any occasion.

Chain Bracelet

Chain Bracelet

chain bracelet or link bracelet is a piece of jewelry made by connecting links into a band. It is made with the Gold Metal of your choice. Harry Chadent offers Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, or Rose Gold in 14K and 18K. Chain Bracelet is a trend nowadays.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet is an open bracelet that wraps around your wrist. It is easier to put on, and as they don't have clasps or closure, you don't have to fiddle about with one hand. Cuffs have a variety of sizes, with wide or thinner cuffs that are suitable for every women's personality.

Bangle Bracelet

bangle bracelet is a solid, non-adjustable bracelet that is usually completely round. It has no opening; instead, you slide the bracelet over your hand and onto your wrist. It tends to lose and tend to move around. Most Women wearing thin bangles tend to layer them with similar bracelets or differently styled ones. However, you can also wear a single, large bangle which would work like a statement bracelet.

How do I know my bracelet size?

Not sure about your wrist size? We got you! You can quickly determine your bracelet size by measuring your wrist with a measuring tape. Find your size below the size chart.

bracelet size guide

 Bangle Size Chart

While finding your size in Bangle Bracelet differs from the classic tennis bracelet, here is the chart that is extremely helpful for you to determine the bangle size you need. 

bangle size chart

. Make your hand as small as possible by bringing your thumb and little finger together. Fold your thumb as far as possible across your hand as if you were putting on a bangle.

. Use a thin strip and wrap it around your knuckles.

. Measure the length of the strip with your ruler.

. Use the following chart to determine your bangle size.     


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