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Getting To Know Your Different Types Of Earrings

Earring Styles For You


diamond earrings

Diamond Earrings are one of the essential outfits for women. Whether it's simple or dramatic, earrings are quintessential. Many women choose to wear different types of earrings to complement their faces and accentuate outfit choices. Here are the popular earring styles that can complement your outfit.

From more modern earring styles to classic earrings like diamond studs and gold hoops, we've covered you with the basics on all types of earrings and earring backs.

Earring Types

Classic Earrings

Classic Earrings are timeless, vintage, and never go out of style as they are still fashionable as they did decades ago. These are the popular earrings and women's favorite jewelry.


-Hoop Earrings

-Drop Earrings


Modern Earrings

Trendy styles that most young generation is obsessed with. Though this has a twist on a classic design, modern, stylish earrings offer plenty to love with their fresh designs.



-Big Hoops

These are the types of earring backing

-screw back

-push back

-lever back

-latch back

-fish hooks


Chandelier Earrings


chandelier earrings

Chandelier earrings are a type of dangle earring that looks like a crystal chandelier. It consists of a tiered configuration of jewels. It is connected with metal and hangs freely. These are the most luxurious of all earrings.

Cluster Earrings


cluster earrings

Cluster earrings are asymmetrical patterns of brilliant diamonds. A smaller diamond sets closely to each other to create a cluster.

 Dangle Earrings

dangle earrings

Dangle Earring is like dancing earrings. It comes in various lengths, and the further down from the ear they are, the bigger they can be. Funny right? Because it swings from side to side whenever the person swings or moves.

Drop Earrings

drop earrings

Drop Earrings and dangle earrings sound the same. But unlike dangle, drop earring does not move. Even if it moves, the movement is limited and only comes right off the base. It has different lengths of these styles. They sometimes called it an extended stud earring.

Hoop Earrings


Hoop earrings never go out of style. You can wear them on any occasion or in any outfit. That's the reason why hoops are classic. You can style them depending on your mood. Perfect for a night out or to get coffee. Hoops are one of the most popular earrings.

Stud Earrings


They say the Stud earring is small but terrible. That is because it has a minimalistic type of earrings. It has a single diamond in any cuts that rest close to the earlobe. Round diamonds are the most popular style, but these days, you have a variety of diamond cuts to choose from. It can be princess-cut, baguettes, oval, cushions, or many more. It has two types of backing, the screw back and the push back. If you are looking for more security, a screwback is perfect. It has a threaded post that the back closure screws onto. It is more secure than pushback. Push back are called friction backs and are the most common type of earring back.



Diamond halo stud earrings are stud earrings that feature a diamond halo setting. It creates an illusion of being bigger diamonds. It has a center stone surrounded by smaller stones. It has different diamonds and gems cut to choose from.

Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

the best earring shape for you

Earring is one of the important outfits of a woman because it symbolizes their feminity. But these are not just earrings. You should know what kind of earrings suit your face shape. How to pick the right one?

There are many factors to consider when choosing which jewelry to wear, and your face is one of them. Everyone has their unique face structure but generally speaking, face shapes fall into the categories above.

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