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Most Popular Ring Setting and Style

Why is it so important to choose the right ring for you?

Engagement Ring Styles

Choosing the right engagement ring setting and style is extremely important. It is the first decision you should make before buying one.

There is a wide variety of rings. The ring setting plays a role, not just how the ring looks. To help you figure out what you want and what suits your budget, follow the treads to determine which type of diamond is the best option.

Different Engagement Rings Flatter Different Finger Types. Get The Idea!

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 Prong & Solitaire Setting

Diamond Ring Prong Set

Prong & Solitaire Setting is the most classic ring setting. It is a single diamond that has a metal claw that grips the diamond tightly. Prong settings feature either four prongs or six prongs. Center diamond can be rounded, oval, heart, or princess cut. It is simple, but it will make a diamond more noticeable and complement the shape of your diamond ring.

Solitaire With Accent

Solitaire With Accent

Solitaire with accents setting is trendy as its ring has smaller side stones that add a little drama. The accent on the ring is smaller diamonds wrapped around the band, which adds sparkle from a new angle without seeming too over-the-top.


halo diamond ring

A halo ring is a setting where smaller stones surround a center stone. Halo Ring gives an illusion of a more significant look more extensive. You can add accents to boost the appearance of increased overall sparkle.


bezel set ring

The bezel setting is a modern and durable style of ring. It is a type of ring that holds the diamond in place, which helps keep it safe. It is the second most popular of the new generations.

Three Stone

three stone ring

Do you know that Three Stone Ring has a deep meaning? It represents the Past, Present, and Future of a couple. The ring's center stone is usually the largest, symbolizing its presence. The most popular diamond shapes for this setting are the brilliant round and princess cut.

Cluster Set

cluster ring

Group of small diamonds clustered together instead of a single stone to look bigger. Cluster engagement rings are defined by an assortment of stones arranged in a cluster form. It can either contain a larger center stone or cluster together stones of equal size.


tension style ring

This is a trendy diamond ring piece that women love to have. The setting uses compression to hold a center diamond in place. Tension settings make your diamond stone appear as if it's floating. This is one of the safe and secure settings.

Size Guide

Once you've chosen a setting, you'll want to look for a diamond that complements its style and is well-supported by the setting. And if you are concerned about finding the right size, contact us for the proper guidance. Don't worry about the resizing of your precious diamond ring. The ring can be resized depending on the metal it's made of. Any ring made of solid gold, sterling silver, brass, or platinum can be resized! Any ring that is plated cannot be resized.

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