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What Is Anklet? And How To Wear Them?

What is Anklet? Is there a meaning to wearing an anklet? 

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People wear anklets and bracelets to add beauty to their looks. Both anklets and bracelets are considered fashion accessories. If you need a quick refresher, an anklet is simply an ankle bracelet! Any standard bracelet can be worn as an anklet, assuming the correct sizing. Your bracelet size and anklet size are likely not going to be the same; in most cases, you will need a larger size anklet than you will a bracelet. But do you know that anklets have a symbolic meaning? Yes, you heard it right! 

Nearly all jewelry accessories have a vibrant history, and the ankle bracelet is no different. So, where did the anklet come from?

Women wore anklets way back in the Predynastic period. These early people constructed anklets from precious stones and metals found in nature and wore them to denote status and social rank. Enslaved people wore leather anklets, while affluent brides and wives flaunted lavish anklets made of precious metals and gemstones.

Most cultures believe that an ankle bracelet worn on the left foot is a charm or talisman. Such anklets were used as amulets to protect the wearer from diseases and bad omens. They were used as a form of protection.

Today, anklets are seen as a fashion accessory, but they may have had a different purpose in the past. Ankle bracelet meanings aren't as symbolic as they once were.

How To Wear An Anklet Bracelet

Sometimes wearing accessories has rules, particularly on wearing anklets. There are some things to consider when wearing them. 

  • Wear your anklet to the beach, pool party, and all your summer events
  • Don't wear anklets with charms in work, library, church, or memorial. This will cause a jingle sound in a quiet place like this.
  •  Measure your ankle size to see what measurement is most comfortable.
  • Don't wear your anklet with tights or pantyhose.
  • don't place the bracelet on top of the pants,
  • You can wear your anklets either on the left or right ankle. 

Ankle Bracelet Options

When it comes to ankle bracelets, there are various styles available. Choose a style that matches your personality, from the simplest to the most outrageous. Some types to consider are:

  • Yellow or white gold anklets
  • Sterling silver anklets
  • Anklets accented with diamonds or gemstones.
  • Beaded ankle bracelets
  • Leather anklets
  • Homemade woven designs


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